Case Study #1: Sales Excellence

Company A is on a mission to create next-generation learning resources that cost less and work better than traditional textbooks. They’re digital craftsmen with a passion for education, including editors, graphic artists, Web developers, filmmakers and instructional designers. Far more than your typical eBook, this company’s webtexts are comprehensive, interactive, multimedia textbook replacements.

Problem: Company A is first and foremost an education learning development company, with minimal resources in traditional sales and a limited budget for marketing and promotion. While excited and eager to get their products to market, they lacked a formal sales strategy.

PIP Solution: Partner In Publishing (PIP) developed and implemented a sales program designed to meet the company’s aggressive sales goals. Our business development strategy included developing and contacting a target list of for-profit and career schools focused on teaching students at a distance.

Results: During a 24-month period, PIP’s sales and marketing efforts produced over $2.75M in revenue from institutions where the company had made no previous inroads.

Case Study #2: Superior Project Management

Company B strives to deliver consistent and measurable results in student learning. Their digital solutions, including online homework and assessment systems, have become some of the most well-known tools in higher education.

Problem: With more than 200 courses to recreate in a newly designed platform — and less than two months to do it — Company B needed outside assistance.

PIP Solution: Over a seven-week span, PIP prioritized the course creation for Company B. The effort required more than 10 project managers working a total of approximately 160 hours per week.

Results: PIP exceeded Company B’s expectations while also meeting the timeframe and budget restrictions. We replicated more than 200 courses from 59 schools in the new platform, a task that involved recreating custom exams, replicating assignments and uploading documents.​