When panOpen went through our first period of rapid growth, we brought on Partner in Publishing to help us scale our customer success and customer service capabilities. The team at PIP perform our faculty onboarding, troubleshoot, answer student inquiries, and assist us as we build out our user knowledge base and FAQ. Amber and her team communicate with our customers and with us seamlessly – really an extension of our core staff. In fact, soon after commencing our work together, it felt as if we had grown our own in-house customer success team almost overnight!– Elizabeth LoNigro, Operations Manager at panOpen

As a New Zealand company wanting to target the US higher education sector, we knew we would need expert, in-market help. We started working with Partner in Publishing in August 2014 and they impressed me from day one with their eagerness to understand our needs and their lightning-quick ramp up time. It quickly became a seamless relationship and they have proven to be the ideal business development partner for SIMTICS: an excellent knowledge of the industry, determined to represent our company and product in the best way possible, flexible to respond to our changing needs, and a real pleasure to work with.– Cherry Vanderbeke, CEO of SIMTICS

Pip, Pip Hooray! is the overwhelming sentiment from my team when using PIP to help drive activations and to ensure that all of our Customers are set up for success. PIP saves us time and are vital to our success as LC’s. The trainers are knowledgeable and thorough and are an amazing compliment to what we do in the field every day! I couldn’t imagine selling and supporting our Customers without them.– Kathy Sestak, District Sales Manager at Cengage Learning

It is always a great pleasure to work with a 3rd party partner that truly understands the Education business and how the move to digital is not always as easy as it may sound. It takes an entire Institutional eco-structure, and usually many institutional partners, to execute on that goal; much like a well orchestrated number, every instrument has their sound that makes the whole song work. Not only does Partners in Publishing understand that eco-structure and the industry’s move to digital, their onboarding of educational technology clients, business development strategies, and customer support services only help ensure their customers meet their digital and business goals. They understand the hurdles, the requirements, and the planning that is needed while connecting with their customer, and are fully invested in their measurable success.– Chanda Fortuna, VP Account Strategy at Pearson

Partner In Publishing has been a tremendous partner to us in that they represent a very clear ROI, even in a tough marketplace. They are easy to work with and highly organized; they approach our customers in a consistently professional, credible manner; and their flexible model allows me to rapidly deploy them against specific needs and changing market conditions that I could otherwise not react to quickly enough. I would absolutely and enthusiastically recommend Partner In Publishing.– Woody Paik, Senior Vice President at Curriculum Associates

Working with Partner in Publishing to produce training videos was a pleasure. The fact the PIP team is cross-trained in all aspects of our business allowed PIP to truly own this project and surpass expectations. Constant review and approval of training content that is inaccurate is time consuming, and was not needed at all with PIP. We will be working with the PIP video project team going forward!– Ethan Gollehon, Educational Technology Consultant at CDX Automotive

We are committed to creating digital products that will delight our instructors and provide the best learning opportunities for students. As we develop these products, we absolutely had to provide the best support possible for our beta testers and PIP provided that support in spades. And their incredibly valuable market research support has helped us truly understand our customer needs. We see PIP as a vital part of our product development process and plan on continuing our relationship.– Stacy Steiner, Sales Director at KnowledgeFactor/E-learning

Berrett-Koehler needed to ramp up its academic library sales in a hurry. Partner in Publishing was just the solution we needed. They dove right in and familiarized themselves with our offerings on very short notice, and they asked all the right questions. They assigned us the perfect rep for the project: she was knowledgeable, professional, and a great communicator—and she got results. The whole experience with PiP helped us refine our messaging and think more incisively about our market differentiation. We’re smarter and more strategic for having worked with PiP.– Johanna Vondeling, Vice President, International Sales and Business Development at Berrett-Koehler

Partner in Publishing has built a staff of professionals who understand the education space and drive results. They have increasingly become our go-to solution for project support on key initiatives and consistently provide an excellent ROI. The education market demands domain expertise for success and Partner in Publishing has the expertise, and has helped extend Jones & Bartlett’s success in education.- Jim Homer, Executive  Vice President, Pearson

PIP’s thorough understanding of the educational market is the driver for its expertise in consulting. PIP actively listens to our needs and works to gain a deeper understanding of our business in order deliver the results which makes us more successful. PIP has a talented and flexible group of employees who are well equipped to handle a wide variety of projects. PIP has helped us to achieve goals we did not know were possible, and the team is always thorough, detailed, and transparent in the delivery of their results. As PIP continues to grow, we are happy we can partner with them for our many projects.– Trina Poe, VP of Sales for Program Solutions at Pearson Learning Solutions

I have partnered with PIP on numerous projects over the last few years, their team truly understands our industry , are always a pleasure to work with and consistently drive a excellent ROI.- Keri Goldberg, Senior Account Executive at Vital Source/Ingram Content Group

The PIP trainer turns the instructor into a user who will schedule gradable assignments–not just use as a supplement!– Debby Seme, Senior Customer Success Manager at Cengage Learning

Partner in Publishing gets it! I can pick up the phone and talk to Kevin or Lisa around any issue, whether it be hiring, implementation of strategy, or just understanding the current strategic marketplace better than I do on my own. They understand what I am looking for and their reach extends my own.
– John Holdcroft, Director of Business Development, RoadTrip nation

Partner in Publishing possesses the expertise and professionalism to open doors, broker, and represent our solutions within the competitive career and for-profit sectors of higher education.– Andrew Herd, VP of Sales at EdMap

PIP’s staff has shown the ability to quickly understand our digital solutions and deliver high quality on demand trainings on our behalf. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers and our sales organization.– Jill Staut, Sr. Marketing Manager of LMS Integrations at Cengage Learning

Having an excellent US-based support desk has helped me tremendously by freeing up my time to focus on new business. Additionally, my customers are ecstatic to have a CDX Help Desk ready to resolve their issues immediately.– Jesse Mitchell, CDX Account Manager at Ascend Learning

Partner in Publishing has been a great partner for our business. They are always very responsive and customer-focused. From the outset, they quickly assessed our needs and then assertively established a sales pipeline. We were fortunate to have Chris Muller assigned to our project – but everyone we encountered at PIP was knowledgeable, personable, and committed to our success.– Kevin Hesler, Chief Operating Officer at Education Technology Associates

Our relationship with Partner in Publishing has allowed us to cover more of the market faster, while knowing our current customer base is being taken care of with superior customer service. Freeing up our resources to concentrate on growing sales and investing in our products is something every business needs; PiP has helped us get there faster.– Jim Kowatch, President at Capital Educational Consultants

As our product grows it becomes more apparent daily that without support we would be buried. The customers love the Helpdesk team even more than we do! Their prompt and efficient manner in handling customer questions is a direct correlation to the growth in our product.– Randi Roger, Manager at Global Partner Marketing

Partner in Publishing Help Desk has in many ways saved our semester. Using a new online homework system, we expected issue to arise and they did. The Help Desk team responded rapidly, professionally, and, most important, effectively. In our situation, we had numerous faculty teaching large lecture sections with an online homework system for the first time. When technical issues occurred, dealing with all the student needs would have overwhelmed our faculty. Instead, the Help Desk team made sure we did not have to deal with most of it directly and also made our students feel well supported and fairly treated. It has been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to their help on future projects.– William J. Vining, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at SUNY College at Oneonta

As corporations turn to digital solutions for their learning and development, Partner in Publishing has become the market-leading organization to handle end to end projects. The size of their organization and breath of services enable them to move the needle for an organization.
– Dan gizzi, VP of business development, Learning tribes

In an environment where dynamic, industry-changing decisions can be made overnight, the three things that are most important to me when I am considering creating new collaborative partnerships are consistency, connections and comprehensiveness. I have frequently relied on Lisa March for guidance, assistance and information. Even from Brazil, I could rely on Lisa or Kevin O’Sullivan with confidence for real-time data and direction. In the entire 12 years I have been associated with Lisa, I can say that I have never been disappointed. Not once. When you become a partner with Partner In Publishing, you become a member of a very connected club … and membership has its rewards.– Kevin Hoyle, Business Development, International Relations at VitalSource Technologies

Amber and Blake have been extremely helpful to myself and my students this past year. They have responded quickly to requests to make adjustments in MindTap, and have helped students through numerous difficulties. They have provided clear explanations of new issues as they came up, and were prompt to provide workarounds and fixes … I have always dreaded calling tech support about a homework issue, not knowing how much of my time I was committing to the problem. My calls to Amber and Blake have been promptly answered and my concerns immediately addressed, all during a pleasant conversation.
– Dennis Johnson, professor at New Mexico State University

The multi-talented team at Partner in Publishing know what is takes to succeed in the Higher Ed space. When I have a project in mind the folks at PIP always have a creative and effective solution and execution plan. I would highly recommend Kevin and his team.– Randy Jones, Director of Sales at eThink Education

The whole Partner in Publishing team is there for me on long planned market development projects as well as last minute sales and marketing initiatives. They are a pleasure to work with on large and small scale strategies, and I have been extremely pleased with the return on investment every time.– Matthew Wright, executive program manager, psychology, macmillan publishing

The entire team at Partner in Publishing always takes the time to learn about your company’s needs and the goals of the project upfront and this ensures that working with them is both a seamless and successful experience.– Scott Stewart, National Sales Manager at Emerald Group Publishing

Our team has worked with PIP on a number of projects in the last year, ranging from customer-facing market development initiatives to digital media production. Most projects have included very detailed specifications and tight delivery timeframes. In all cases, PIP has remained a flexible partner, delivering on-time and at cost projection with clear ROI.– Eric C. Hakanson, Digital Media Editor, CIS&IT at Pearson Higher Education

When I work with PIP, it’s not just about knowing I will receive stellar service, it’s about knowing that PIP truly values me as a partner. This means, that above and beyond the project itself, PIP will be looking to make connections and opportunities for my business outside of the project itself.– Carrie Dole LLC

PIP understands how to market digital solutions in both the higher ed and career space. They are a pleasure to work with and deliver excellent results to our internal teams and external customers.– Robert Lazers, Director of Customer Success at Simplilearn

The PIP team has proved an excellent ROI on a business development project focusing on key districts in the K12 market. Their ability to leverage technology and ramp up quickly around our needs make them the go to resource for special projects. They had the expertise and resources to make an immediate impact to our bottom line.- Kevin Barret, VP k12 Sales at Pearson Learning Solutions

“PIP provides great value through their deep understanding of our industry and are a pleasure to work with! PIP gets it !

– Frank Snyder, Product manager Developmental mathematics, cengage learning