Quick, friendly and competent customer service is critical to any business, but online education products demand a level of expertise that can strain any publisher, no matter how large. Small issues can become deal breakers, and one bad experience can undo all the work you put into earning that new customer. Let the service experts at Partner In Publishing help you manage these important relationships down to the last detail.

Our U.S. based team has experience with a variety of different and complex platforms from Learning Management Systems (LMS) to proprietary technology platforms. If we don’t have experience with your product, we’ll learn it.

For your new customers, we’ll direct the onboarding process, conduct group or individual training sessions for faculty and students, and inform you of any user experience issues we learn about. You’ll make a great first impression on your customers and get them up and running smoothly.

For current customers, our team is available for live help and a guaranteed 24-hour response time. We see an urgent issue as an opportunity to convert a bad experience into lifetime loyalty. Our customer support experts are trained and experienced in quieting complaints and they take pride in resolving issues quickly – with care and understanding. More importantly, they’ll never feel as though they’re talking to anyone but your own internal support experts. Your customers are as important to us as they are to you.