We know your customers. We have a vast network throughout higher ed. We’ll help you identify the right people—the ones who will help you build the perfect product, and more importantly, the ones who will become your future customers.

These relationships, combined with a data-driven approach, will not only help us analyze today’s market, but will also formulate a picture of what it will look like when your product is ready to launch.

You need information to make better decisions, and a proven process to get the right data. We employ a variety of proven methods, and will use only the ones that are right for your project.

Here’s a brief overview of what we do to identify the right customer profile, secure beta testers, and nurture early adopters:

  • Online Surveys:  A concise, well-crafted survey will deliver a broad view of your changing market. It may confirm some of your contentions, but it may challenge some of your suppositions, too. It will help you start to find your market segment and develop the right product for your chosen audience. An effective survey informs your entire investment strategy.
  • Customer Focus Groups: Getting customers together to interact with one another can reveal things that you might not see otherwise. It’s a great way to test an idea, a design concept, or a marketing message. Bringing the right prospects “into the fold” is the very start of creating product enthusiasts and willing advocates.
  • One-On-One Interviews: For a more intimate look at your market, we arrange in-depth, one-on-one interviews that offer a level of market insight that you can’t get anywhere else. We use a rigorous research method, and once the data set is complete, we then assemble and analyze the results in a way that adds a quantitative view to the candor of individual responses.
  • Peer Reviews: A critical component to any educational product, Partner in Publishing has perfected the editorial peer review process. We have conducted thousands of peer reviews, and have built up a network of the most savvy, knowledgeable educators to comment and contribute to your projects. We strategize, execute, and analyze—all in service of a great end product.
  • Class Testing: Watching how customers actually use your products is invaluable. Partner in Publishing can arrange, set up, and manage pilot programs with carefully selected instructors (and their students), so you can see how your product performs in the real world. ​​
  • Webinar Presentations: Webinars are an efficient means of getting in front of a group of prospects and giving them a first look at your solution. Execution is critical. You often have one shot. Partner in Publishing treats your Webinar as a performance, nailing all the little details to make the most of your time in the spotlight.