Building great products is the result of great relationships. You have to get close to your customers, carefully eliciting helpful feedback at multiple stages of the development process. Most importantly, you have to know how to use this information to inform your decisions.

Talented editors develop this skill over years of hands-on product experience. Partner in Publishing has a staff of publishing professionals and specialists who can help you cut through the noise and make sound strategic decisions.

Customer demands always have the potential to derail the development process. Our agile process ensures that we react to the right feedback, make the right decisions, and mitigate the risk of overinvesting in things that the market doesn’t need or want:

  • Minimum Viable Product: This is the smallest, simplest version of your product that you feel comfortable sharing with prospective customers. We help you focus on both the “minimum” and the “viable” while still giving your customers a sense of your long-term vision. We get the product in front of a lot of customers early, helping you develop a roadmap of essential features and functionality.
  • Customer Feedback: Communication is everything. Working with Partner in Publishing, your customers know that they are part of building something new and exciting, and that their input will help shape the final product. They feel involved and invested—they are the critical early adopters that form the foundation of your marketing strategy. We are careful to select decision makers for a direct impact on your sales efforts, but also the influencers who contribute to indirect sales.
  • Iterative Product Development: Now, we dig into the data. What did customers like or dislike? What trends did we see in their feedback? We help make sense of it all, build a plan around it, and implement the appropriate changes to the product. Then we do it again—we get the next version in front of the very same customers. Not only is this a great method for validating your product, but it is also about developing deep relationships with your future customers.