The education market is more competitive than ever. Partner in Publishing can help you be more targeted, more efficient, and more effective in your sales efforts. We have seasoned business development professionals who are equipped to handle all aspects of the sales process for you, from new customer acquisition, client management, and retention.

Whether you are targeting faculty or administrators, we’ll strategize together to design your business development plan. We are flexible—we can take over the sales function for you, or supplement your sales efforts, depending on what each project needs.

Whatever your goal is—to cover more ground, get deeper market penetration, or building a core group of evangelists and advocates—Partner in Publishing can help maximize your efforts:

  • Business Development: Once we have a plan, we execute. From targeted sales campaigns to virtual meetings, we present your solutions on your behalf. We help you qualify leads and separate the real potential from the false positives. Then we help walk your prospects through the entire sales process, providing value to them at every step. Once the deal is complete, your customer feels like a partner—someone who’s as invested in you as you are in them.
  • Client Management: Once the sale is closed, it’s not over. In fact, you are just beginning. A happy customer is the foundation of your success. We can help you manage your critical customer relationships, acting as your proxy to deliver unparalleled service—not only to ensure continued use of your products and services, but also to develop new revenue streams.
  • Institutional Sales: More and more schools are under pressure to improve student success and retention rates, and administrators are looking outside their own institutions for help. This landscape is complex, with a lot of stakeholders involved. We can help you navigate the opportunity, identify the key decision makers, root out the real issues, and develop the perfect solution for your client.